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The city of Vladimir is located in the central region of Russia, approximately 180 km to northeast of Moscow. A large transport highway connecting Moscow and N. Novgorod passes through the city. Vladimir is located on the high west shore of the Klyazma River. Almost all the city sights are located in the historical center of the city, extending from west to east in the direction of Bolshaya Moscovskaya ulitsa, specifically from the city department store "Valentina" to the Hotel Vladimir.

The city borders of the thirteenth century stretched across the hill from west to east from the Golden Gate, and approximately up to the present area of Frunze square with a monument named for the revolutionary of the same name. In the center of this area, there was a small internal fortress that served to strengthen the Assumption cathedral and the Cathedral of St. Demetrius.


As one of Russia's oldest communities, Vladimir has a rich heritage—and a solid foundation on which to build a prosperous future.


The City has access to ample raw materials, and it has a well-educated workforce. In addition, it is centrally located on major transportation routes with easy access to the Moscow and St. Petersburg markets and the rest of central Russia.


According to two different Russian sources, as of the beginning of 2005, Vladimir's population was between 310 and 316 thousand. At the end of 2005, beginning of 2006 the City's boundaries were extended to include several nearby communities. This added an additional 10,000 residents--and moved Vladimir from the 58th to the 51st largest city in Russia. As of January 1, 2013, the official population of Vladimir was 339,500. There is the town Syzdal ( not far from Vladimir (


Vladimir is in the process of investing more than 100 million dollars in combined Federal, Oblast (regional), and City funds in the restoration and renovation of its historic district.


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