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Research in the Vladimir State University is carried on according to federal target programs, analytical departmental target program «Development of scientific potential of Higher School», grants of the President of the Russian Federation, Russian Foundation of Fundamental investigations and Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation and foreign agreements.

12 scientific schools carrying out research in 25 areas have been formed at the University. Scientific achievements of the University have been marked by gold, silver and bronze medals at both international and federal levels. More than 40 international and Russian scientific conferences are held at the University every year. More than 100 monographs, 500 articles are annually published in Russian and foreign journals. More than 5000 students take part in different kinds of research: they make more than 700 reports at international and Russian conferences and present more than 800 exhibits at different displays.

Vladimir State University possesses powerful science resources in different areas of studies and engineering (more than 1300 faculty, among them 170 Doctors of Sciences, Full Professors; 11 Honoured Science and Technology Workers of the Russian Federation, 50 Academicians and Research Corresponding Members of different academies of Sciences, more than 700 Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors. Training of highly qualified staff is carried out by Post- graduate and Doctorate Courses. At present there are 10 Dissertation Councils in 17 scientific majors.

Research is carried out in more than 20 scientific areas. According to the strategy of University development research must facilitate advances of society enabling to meet its current and expected needs by generating new discoveries, inventions creating new technologies and science-consuming innovation products.

Vision: VlSU is the scientific-research center of the world standard having the reputation of a leader due to new important science results. It actively disseminates new knowledge and solutions upon significant spheres of man`s activity.

One of the main University priorities in research is to carry out large complex Research and Development activities aimed at solving specific and important tasks of the country as well as support of educational process including innovation development based on existing information technologies.

The main focus in this respect is the provision of high importance of research, its innovation character, the full use of obtained results in academic process, wide involvement of students in research.

More information about scientific activities and postdoctoral programme you may find: