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Transport Arrangements and Traffic Safety

CodeCourse titleCourse startCredit Points/ ECTS
Б1.О.01Currernt Issues of Transport Science, Engineering and Technology

Winter semester


Б1.О.02Intellectual PropertySummer semester4.0
Б1.О.03Basics of Scientific ResearchWinter semester4.0
Б1.О.04Analytical and Numerical Methids for Experimental Design and Enfineering AnalysisWinter semester5.0
Б1.О.05Computer Technologies in Science Production and EducationSummer semester4.0
Б1.О.06Transport EconomicsSummer semester3.0
Б1.О.07Foreign Language in Professional CommunicationsWinter semester3.0
Б1.О.08Tax and TaxationWinter semester2.0
Б1.О.09Mathematical Modelling in Problem SolvingWinter semester4.0
Б1.О.10Legal Support IssuesWinter semester4.0
Б1.О.11Theory of Technological ProcessesWinter semester2.0
Б1.О.12History and Philosophy of ScienceWinter semester2.0
Б1.В.01Transport Logistics IssuesSummer semester2.0
Б1.В.02Scientific and Technological Issues of TransportWinter semester2.0
Б1.В.03Transportation in LogisticsSummer semester5.0
Б1.В.04ATE Production ManagementWinter semester4.0
Б1.В.05Cargo Forwarding Service and Multimodal FreightWinter semester5.0
Б1.В.ДВ.01Issue of Increase of Vehicle Park Technical Readiness under a Free Market Economy Winter semester4.0
Б1.В.ДВ.02Intelligent Transport SystemsWinter semester4.0
Б1.В.ДВ.03Management SolutionsWinter semester3.0
Б1.В.ДВ.04Innovative Methods of Solving Transport Safety IssuesWinter semester4.0
Б1.В.ДВ.05Economics Assessment of Transport InfrastructureSummer semester3.0
Б1.В.ДВ.06Issues of Inernational Transportation and Customs AffairsWinter semester4.0