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Promissing Technologies for Manufacture of Metal and Non-Metallic Products

CodeCourse titleCourse startCredit Points/ ECTS
Б1.О.01Foreign Language

Winter semester


Б1.О.02Current Issues of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Materials ScienceSummer semester4.0
Б1.О.03Information Technologies in Mechanical EngineeringWinter semester4.0
Б1.О.04Applied Termodynamics and KineticsWinter semester5.0
Б1.О.05Modern Methods of Quality Control of Items and Semi-Finished ProductsSummer semester4.0
Б1.О.06Scientific Research MethodologyWinter semester4.0
Б1.О.07Physico-Chemical Bases of Synthesis and Obtaining MaterialsWinter semester5.0
Б1.В.01Modern Methods of Thermal and Chemicothermal Treatmant  Winter semester4.0
Б1.В.02Design Features of Blank Production TechnologyWinter semester4.0
Б1.В.03Promising Materials in Mechanical Engineering Summer semester4.0
Б1.В.04Promissing Technologies for Production of Non-ferrous AlloysWinter semester5.0
Б1.В.05Tooling Design for Needs of Mechanical EngineeringWinter semester4.0
Б1.В.06Nanotechnology in Mechanical EngineeringSummer semester4.0
Б1.В.07Special Materials ScienceWinter semester6.0
Б1.В.08Intellectual Property ProtectionSummer semester3.0
Б1.В.ДВ.01Promissing Technological Equipment for Obtaining and Processing of MaterialsWinter semester5.0
Б1.В.ДВ.02Promissing Technologies for Production of Casting and Semi-Finished ProductsSummer semester4.0
Б1.В.ДВ.03Promissing Technologies for Producing Iron-based AlloysWinter semester5.0
Б1.В.ДВ.04Modern Computer Technologies and Modelling in the Fields of Materials ScienceSummer semester4.0