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Theory and Practice of Legal Regulation

CodeCourse titleCourse startCredit Points/ ECTS
Б1.О.01Foreign Language in Jurisprudence

Winter semester,

Summer semester



Б1.О.02History of Political and Law DoctrineWinter semester3.0
Б1.О.03History and Methodology of Science of LawWinter semester3.0
Б1.О.04Comporative Legal SudiesWinter semester3.0
Б1.О.05Current Issues of Legal Regulation TheoryWinter semester3.0
Б1.О.06Features of Legal Technique in the Organization of Legal ProcessSummer semester4.0
Б1.О.07Computer Technologies in Science and Education Summer semester2.0
Б1.О.08Organizational and Managerial Activities of LawyersSummer semester2.0
Б1.В.01Constitutional and Legal Mechanism for the Defense of Human and Citizen Rights and LibertiesWinter semester2.0
Б1.В.02Legal LinguisticsWinter semester2.0
Б1.В.03Modern ProcedureSummer semester4.0
Б1.В.04Teaching of LawSummer semester4.0
Б1.В.ДВ.01Property Law and Other Real Rights: Theory and PracticeWinter semester4.0
Б1.В.ДВ.02Theory of Private Legal RelationsWinter semester4.0
Б1.В.ДВ.03Current Issues of Oblogation Relations: Theory and PracticeWinter semester4.0
Б1.В.ДВ.04Legal Regulation of National Interests of RussiaWinter semester4.0
Б1.В.ДВ.05Current Issues of Civil LiabilityWinter semester2.0
Б1.В.ДВ.06Features of Legal Technique of Organization of Civil Law RelationsSummer semester3.0
Б1.В.ДВ.07Objects of Civil Rights: Theoretical and Practical AspectsSummer semester3.0