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Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Expertise and Ecological Safety

CodeCourse titleCourse startCredit Points/ ECTS
Б1.О.01Computer Technologies in Science and EducationWinter semester4.0
Б1.О.02Foreign Language

Winter semester,

Summer semester



Б1.О.03Philosophical Issues of Natural ScienceWinter semester2.0
Б1.О.04Mathematical ModelingWinter semester4.0
Б1.О.05Theoretical and Experimental Research Methods in ChemistryWinter semester5.0
Б1.О.06Technogenic Systems and Ecological RiskSummer semester2.0
Б1.В.01Methods of Teaching Chemistry in High SchoolWinter semester7.0
Б1.В.02Modern Research Methods in ChemistryWinter semester9.0
Б1.В.03Chemical and Ecological ExpertiseWinter semester8.0
Б1.В.ДВ.01Thermodynamics of Irreversible ProcessesSummer semester3.0
Б1.В.ДВ.02Quantum ChemistryWinter semester4.0
Б1.В.ДВ.03Physical and Chemical MechanicsWinter semester3.0
Б1.В.ДВ.04Modern Issues of Chemical and Analytical ControlSummer semester5.0